Children & Family Photographer

Children & Family Photographer

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Children and family photographer in Plymouth

I ask myself this question “How did I become a children & family photographer, here in Plymouth Devon.” I have been a portrait photographer since the age of 17 years old. Whilst at college I wanted to be a fashion photographer along with everybody else!  My background studying at a commercial college in Salisbury unlocked a real passion in fashion photography. After showcasing my work to family and friends they began to ask me to photograph their children, which I gladly agreed to and discovered a real passion for working with children. I value their exuberance and spontaneity.

Am I good enough to be a photographer?

This is the question I asked myself all the time since and will continue to do so. I strongly feel that I am constantly perfecting my craft and adapting to my changing styles. However I am always pleased and have more confidence when I receive such positive feedback from customers. For instance  today I received some lovely comments regarding the B&W (black and white)  photo I released on Facebook “OMG I didn’t realise the photographer was Laura?! They are fabulous! Laura, you have a massive gift!! 



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About Me

Welcome My name is Laura Ridolfo. I studied photography for 6 years, been a photographer for 24 years and been published worldwide.

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